27 February 2018

Interactive Technology for Market Hall Museum, Warwick

Posted By Paul Forster
Peel Interactive are incredibly pleased to work with Market Hall Museum, Warwick on their AV Software Installation during a vast programme of refurbishment.

We worked in partnership with Workhaus, Redman Design and Fusion LX to produce several media exhibits for the Market Hall Museum in Warwick, which underwent a vast programme of refurbishment.

The project included the installation of a touchscreen in the form of a digital ‘archaeological dig’, an interactive game which will allow visitors of all ages to unearth the hidden artefacts that lie beneath the County of Warwickshire.
In total, there are 11 digital labels which are being created, including touch-screen tablets complete with a fun kids trail, additional information on every display case item, and the most exciting update being a virtual reality viewer in the form of a seaside telescope found on many promenades.

Visitors will look through the viewer and out of the window to the market square situated outside the museum, where after mere seconds they will be transported back through time where they will discover 3D animations of Neolithic dwellers and dinosaurs which used to roam the area.

The digital upgrades provide increased accessibility for users with dyslexia and Irlen syndrome, ensuring those who visit can gain the most educational and enjoyable outcome possible.

These digital solutions will act as replacements for outdated display panels, successfully bringing the historic Market Hall Museum into the 21st Century with increased engagement among visitors of all ages.