Harry Potter Wizards Unite

01 February 2018

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Posted By Paul Forster
Wands at the ready! Niantic and Portkey Games have announced that their upcoming Augmented Reality mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, will be released in the second half of 2018.

Their joint venture with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WB Games San Francisco sees the popular Harry Potter franchise come to life through Augmented Reality.

Niantic are no stranger to AR, being the creators of the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go, so this game is in good hands if they follow their same winning formula.
Niantic announced the news, explaining that they would be “using the full stack of the Niantic platform while also providing opportunity to pioneer all new technology and gameplay mechanics”, hinting that whilst the format will be familiar to us, there may be a few unexpected and innovative surprises along the way.

Niantic’s first AR mobile game ‘Ingress’ was launched five years ago and showcased their unique ability in bringing people together in shared digital realities, which was further proven at an unprecedented scale with the launch of Pokémon Go.

The popularity of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world has not waned since the first book’s release in 1997, followed by feature films, theme parks, and games and now with the utilisation of AR, the story will have the ability to reach a new digital generation.

Although the finer details are a closely guarded secret, it has been publicised that players will be able to “learn spells, explore their real world neighbourhoods and cities to discover and fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies”, which got us thinking about other exciting opportunities for Augmented Reality in the world of Harry Potter- you could head to King’s Cross and watch characters run through the wall at Platform 9 ¾!

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