Elton John's AR Journey

03 November 2017

Elton John's AR Journey

Posted By Paul Forster
Sir Elton John recently announced his retirement from touring in spectacular form, by unveiling his plans to create virtual and augmented reality versions of himself to carry on his legacy. A demo of the AR experience at King’s Cross station last week gave bystanders a novel opportunity to toe-tap along with the man himself, as he was in the 70s, playing his iconic white piano.

Although not new, ARs popularity in mainstream culture is rapidly increasing, not least of all by the ever-popular Pokémon Go which first launched back in 2016.

Now, in the hands of one of the world’s biggest pop icons, AR seems set to continue its rise in popularity in the entertainment sector.

A combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology created by his co-founded entertainment and management company, Rocket Entertainment, will assist Sir Elton John on his journey to “post-biological life”, whether that is using VR to promote his world tour, or ultimately creating an AI version of himself for future artists to collaborate with.

Augmented History

Peel Interactive’s been using AR to create emotionally transforming experiences for the past few years and, like Elton, agree it’s perfect for bringing things (and people) to life in a way that’s not possible through more traditional methods.

Take the Parliamentary Education Centre AR experience we created in 2016 & 17 where we went way beyond the 70s to “Augment” Sir Winston Churchill himself and bring him and his influence of British politics to life for school groups throughout the UK. What’s more our augmented portrait of King Charles shows him animated (and then decapitated) much to the gory delight of our young historians.

As a result of this project, Peel Interactive were shortlisted for a 2016 Learning Technologies Award in the category of ‘Best Use of Mobile Learning’.

A little more about the project; using markers situated within three learning spaces within The Houses of Parliament’s Education Centre, visiting groups use iPads provided in order to ‘bring to life’ the augmented content which includes actor-based AR , 3D modelling, 2D animations and much more. With content aimed at 7-18yr olds, school groups are handed iPads with our app that triggers engaging and interactive content.

Peel Interactive have numerous years of experience in delivering bespoke interactive solutions in the Heritage, Leisure and Tourism sectors with many prestigious clients. If you would like to enquire about how our services would be of use to you, please contact ian.capper@peelinteractive.co.uk or call 01756 796176.

Photo credits: Rocket Entertainment