The Flow Country Touring Exhibition

01 March 2018

The Flow Country Touring Exhibition

Posted By Paul Forster
The Peatlands Partnership and RSPB’s ‘The Flow Country’ touring exhibition is now in full swing, running as part of the ‘Flows to the Future Project’ which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The exhibition highlights the key environmental issues surrounding the peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland and digitally introduces you to the landscape. One of the main focuses of the exhibition was to create a unique visitor experience for people around the world who are unable to visit the Flow Country; something that Peel Interactive was commissioned to put into action.

Using highly detailed 3D models created by our in-house developer, Jon Martin, an interactive map of the Flow Country was constructed in rich detail. It’s a real feat for an area of this scale to be transformed into an interactive virtual landscape that is fully immersive, allowing users to explore and learn more about the peatbogs and marshes, and the flora and fauna that live there.

This vast interactive map features many points of interest which contain facts and information pertaining to the many varieties of plant species and fascinating insects and animals that make the Flow Country their home. The model features over 35 different species including wildlife such as Red Deer, Greenshank and Golden Eagles as well as plants such as Sphagnum Moss, Butterwort and Alpine Bearberry.

‘Digital Tourism’ is surely going to prove to be an indispensable tool for the heritage and tourism industries; creating immersive visitor experiences by utilising modern technology and therefore expanding your reach to a global market.
As part of the project, we also produced a scaled-down version of the landscape model for a desktop and mobile application aimed at children, named ‘Carbon Capture’. The app incorporates an interactive 3D game allowing users to step into the shoes of conservationists, looking after the peatbogs and managing carbon emissions. The application is compatible with touchscreen and mouse and keyboard input.

The project also incorporates a series of short films about the landscape; the people who live there and how it is managed, two animations about the formation and use of peat and bonus information on the Highland clearances and what there is to see at Forsinard Flows.
The Flow Country Touring exhibition is now underway, catch it at a number of venues across Scotland right through until August 2018. Check touring dates and explore the project further on the Flow Country website.

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