01 January 2018

York Mansion House Grand Re-opening

Posted By Paul Forster
Peel Interactive has been working closely with York Mansion House to deliver an exciting digital project as part of their £2.6 million restoration program.

The project is now complete and in preparation for the grand reopening on Saturday 27th January, The Yorkshire Post has produced an article about the restorations which features a short video showcasing one of the exciting audio visual installations that we have created, which allows visitors to explore the past in an immersive and engaging way.

You can check out the article here: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/our-yorkshire/heritage/everyone-over-to-mine-as-york-mayor-throws-open-house-at-a-mansion-1-8977947

If you have been following the project, you may already know that we have delivered the following installations for York Mansion House, in order to bring its history to life in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Turning back time

A first in York Mansion House’s history is the opening of the basement to the public, where a traditional Georgian kitchen has been fully restored.

We have implemented a unique interactive cookery experience in this area for which we partnered with Dr. Annie Gray; Chef and resident food historian on the BBC radio show, The Kitchen Cabinet.

Annie prepares a Georgian banquet with help from visitors who follow her instructions, by “picking up” and interacting with 3D ingredients and utensils projected onto the table top. You can pluck birds, cleaver meat and really (virtually) get your hands dirty.

Thanks to our in-house developer Jon Martin, this feature has real world physics applied- crack an egg onto the side of a bowl and it will slide down the curve and into the bottom where the yolk will rotate until it comes to a natural stop, as it would in real life. This kind of attention to detail was important to us for this project, in order to keep the experience as immersive and realistic as possible.

Our bespoke software installed on an interactive touchscreen allows visitors to step back in time and see the vast changes that St. Helen’s Square has undergone through the Roman, Medieval and Georgian periods.

Visitors of York might recognise St. Helen’s Square, with the famous Betty’s Tearoom a main feature. You may also notice that there is no longer a graveyard centrepiece!

This full 3D reconstruction of multiple important periods in history is a first for the City of York, so it’s a real milestone in making the past more visually accessible.

On the third floor of York Mansion House, a vast collection of York’s Civic silverware will be on display. Whereas usually you can only see antiques through glass, with the implementation of touchscreen tablet technology visitors can zoom and rotate the pieces to get closer than ever before.

Thank you to York Mansion House for this unique and innovative collaboration and we hope you visit soon and see the incredible transformation for yourself!

Contact ian.capper@peelinteractive.co.uk or call 01756 796176 if you’re interested in what Peel Interactive could do for you.