New Content for the Parliamentary Education Service

05 April 2017

New Content for the Parliamentary Education Service

Posted By Paul Forster
Augmented Reality experiences, with subjects such as the kaleidoscope of features and traditions observed in the House of Commons, have been created with the purpose of educating 7-18 year-olds on Parliament’s steeped history. The new content will further enhance the educational experience for visitors to the centre, with a primary focus on the Suffragette movement, the importance and impact of the British voting system, and Parliament’s central lobby.

Our team have created digital interpretations informed by Parliament’s three core messages; Parliament is yours, Parliament is relevant, and Parliament is evolving. Previous work within the Parliamentary Education Centre has proved a success, educating young people on the numerous elements of Parliament.

Account Executive Paul Forster attended the grand opening with actor Karl Morgan who played Winston Churchill. The event was hosted by Professor Brian Cox who was impressed with the augmented reality features of the app. Paul and Karl were later invited to a private party held in the Speakers flat.

The project uses the rapidly evolving technology Augmented Reality to resonate with the young audiences by creating an enjoyable and unforgettable educational experience. One example of how the technology will be used can be found in the area of the project which will take a particular interest in the role Parliament’s central lobby plays at the heart of Parliament. An augmented digital overlay of Lucy Gavaghan, an inspiring young campaigner, will be displayed as she discusses with visitors the history surrounding the historic lobby. Visitors discover how the lobby is relevant to Parliament in the present day, also touching upon issues of how best to contact their local MP, with a specific aim of encouraging young people to take an interest in how politics effects them and their constituencies. Taking Lucy as one example, young people can actively get involved with Parliament and help change policy by creating an online e-petition to campaign in support of issues close to them.

The historic Suffragette movement will be another focal point within this project. As an iconic and momentous piece of our nation’s history it is important the information learned here is displayed in a memorable format. This will be achieved through an augmented airship used to recall Muriel Matters’ famous flight during the movement.

Away from Augmented Reality, our dynamic team of programmers and 3D artists will create a digital reconstruction of a ballot box. The box will be built with engagement in mind as learners will have the ability to interact with the model to discover historical facts regarding the voting process here in the UK. More relevant to current times, this feature will provide knowledge on how voting currently works in countries all over the world, including our own, and will take young people through a simulated vote in order to see first-hand how the process works.

All these pieces of digital content are being created with the learners in mind. Due for completion in the latter stages of Spring 2017, these updates will prove to highlight a much-needed focus of educating younger generations on the role that they can play in modern politics.