25 March 2018

The Virtual Reality of 'Ready Player One'

Posted By Laura Thompson
virtual reality
Nostalgia-driven blockbuster, ‘Ready Player One’, is hitting cinemas this month and we’re excited. As a Creative Digital Agency specialising in bespoke Virtual Reality amongst other interactive technologies, we’re interested to see if a film set in a VR world influences audiences, potentially progressing consumer awareness and demand for VR solutions.

‘Ready Player One’ is a 2011 science fiction novel set in a dystopian 2044, written by Ernest Cline and now directed by Steven Spielberg as a film adaptation. The plot follows teenager, Wade Watts, on his search for an Easter egg in a global Virtual Reality network of worlds called the OASIS, as he chases the fortune left behind by its creator.
Packed full of references from 80s & 90s pop culture, ‘Ready Player One’ is sure to be a visual spectacle; combining nostalgia with future technology.

The film is rumoured to cost in excess of an eye-watering $100million, but did you know bespoke Virtual Reality solutions can often be tailored to your budget?

At Peel Interactive, we love to create immersive worlds with VR and Augmented Reality and have the expertise to bring your digital project to life.
Our skilled team of programmers and talented 3D modellers generate environments that open up new worlds of discovery, whether that’s by manipulating aspects of the users’ current surroundings, creating accurate, photorealistic 3D reconstructions of existing environments or by building fictional worlds and characters from scratch.

One of our past projects, ‘Neverland’, was custom built for use on-board two of Marella Cruises’ ships and immersed audiences in the fictional world of Skull Island.

Our bespoke service means we can create or recreate any environment, space or object, allowing you to bring your brand, product or story to life like never before whilst providing your end user with a whole new level of engagement. Virtual Reality allows us to create interactive, immersive and exciting worlds which are limited only to your imagination.

Peel Interactive is a Creative Digital Agency specialising in bespoke mobile applications, 3D modelling, custom virtual and augmented reality solutions and interactive games. Please contact us at ian.capper@peelinteractive.co.uk or call 01756 796176 for more information about what we could do for you.

Photo credit: Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros