26 March 2018

Peel Interactive App With Kelmarsh Hall

Posted By Laura Thompson
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Peel Interactive recently partnered with Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens, a Grade I listed country house estate in Northamptonshire, on their ‘Tunnelling through the Past’ project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We were commissioned to deliver a bespoke app to bring the stories of the servants and residents of Kelmarsh Hall to life with Augmented Reality.

Similar to our previous work with The Parliament Education Service, this project augments real-life actors telling the stories of significant historical figures who resided in the house, making the visitor journey exciting, immersive and informative.

The app is a bespoke learning resource which provides the opportunity for visitors to understand how the house functioned in times gone by and is brought to life through touchscreen tablets. There are four rooms each with their own interactive and informative content and games, and each room features its own unique augmented character. The four characters are from different social backgrounds and from different time periods, between the 1800’s to the 1920’s.

In the dining room you can listen to the infamous interior designer Nancy Tree as she explains what life was like in the roaring 1920’s, filled with humour and surprising facts about living a life of luxury, in the ballroom Richard Christopher Naylor recounts stories of banquets and grand balls during his time at Kelmarsh in the early 1800’s, below stairs we reveal how in 1891 the House Steward, James Smith, ran a strict household, but also hear about his personal life and what it was like to live and work in a stately home and lastly, Welsh-born Thomas Duffel describes his days as the family chauffer in the 1900’s.
The wonderful actors we worked with on this project were hired through our very own Peel Talent Agency and our brilliant in-house wardrobe department supplied historically accurate costumes to suit the different time periods.
We used the latest green screen technology in readiness for the filming and with hair, makeup and costume applied, we spent a day with each actor filming two different scenes each. We wanted to supply the client team with at least two films for each character, allowing them to switch out the content to keep it fresh and updated, encouraging return visitors.

Our software allows us to overlay multimedia content like videos, images and animations over real world objects, so that the content is launched using the room itself as a trigger- simply point your device at the room and an actor will appear on your screen as if they were in the same room as you.
Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) recognises shape features in practically anything (packages, rooms, structures, photos, patterns and faces) and uses them as markers to deliver and control an augmented reality experience.

The grand opening of Kelmarsh Hall’s ‘Below Stairs’ runs from 1 April – 4 April 1100-1700, allowing visitors to explore the servant quarters, bake room, cellars and laundry rooms for the first time and with help from our Augmented Reality app will discover what life was like for country house servants.

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