11 April 2018

Virtual Reality Tourism: FlyView's Flying Tour of Paris

Posted By Laura Thompson
At Peel Interactive, we are always researching the latest uses in the world of Virtual Reality and were recently impressed after reading about a new attraction opened at the end of March 2018, by company FlyView.

The FlyView Paris attraction combines 360 degree technology, virtual reality and simulation to offer visitors the spectacular experience of ‘flying’ over the Paris skyline. The company already have a global vision for the technology, aiming to place a FlyView experience at various sites around the world, in order to enrich visitor experience and showcase the most breath-taking views.

Visitors to the Paris attraction can expect to be strapped in to their own personal jetpack (don’t worry, you won’t actually take off!) whilst VR headsets immerse them into the experience of flying around the city, checking out famous landmarks and points of interest along the way and experiencing all of the sensation of real flight- the jetpack even moves reactively!
Here at Peel Interactive, we believe in creating Emotionally Transforming Digital Experiences and have used similar skills to those used in creating the Paris VR attraction, in projects with our own clients. Our talented team are skilled in 3D Modelling, Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Content and our projects often involve creating digital tours and recreating real-life places or landscapes for the tourism and heritage industries.

We were commissioned by the wonderful RSPB and the Peatlands Partnership to recreate a huge landscape of peatlands (200,000 hectares in fact!) in 3D for their ‘Flows to the Future’ project, to engage a global and local audience with these remote landscapes in a way that hasn’t previously been possible.

Another 3D modelling project we undertook was for York Mansion House during their £2.6 million restoration program. Our modellers carefully recreated the area as it would have been throughout several time periods in history, building everything from the ground up and taking into account the tiniest details to give a sense of realism.

360 degree panoramas are a great tool to showcase tourist attractions, buildings and places of interest. We have created 360 degree content using real imagery and 3D replicas for Broughton Hall, a country house estate in North Yorkshire and also for Colchester Castle. Augmented Reality can also be integrated within the panoramas to bring it to life.

A Virtual Reality project we created for Marella Cruises is a similar concept to FlyView’s Paris tour, although for a fictional landscape! Using a VR headset, the cruise customer finds themselves flying around Neverland, checking out the sights in 360 degrees.

Read more about all of the projects mentioned here, on our PROJECTS page.

‘Digital Tourism’ is growing in popularity as it allows expansion to a global market. Tourists can digitally visit places they may otherwise never be able and get the opportunity to access famous landmarks that wouldn’t ordinarily be accessible.
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Image credit (blog thumbnail): FlyView