25 May 2018

Augmented Reality and Print Media

Posted By Laura Thompson
3D Modelling AR augmented reality interactive technology Print Media
Whatever your budget and however big or small the project, our Augmented Reality (AR) skills can bring just about anything to life.
We don’t just augment the big things in life, such as rooms and even entire buildings- we also apply AR to print media, which can be a great way to start your business on its AR journey.

So far, we’ve augmented magazines, flyers, books, exhibition stands, packaging and calendars- the possibilities are endless!
Our AR solutions can be used anywhere and at any time using SLAM and traditional AR. We don’t need to rely on old fashioned printed markers or QR codes; we can use any image to trigger the content, meaning you don’t have to compromise on design.

We’re excited to be working on a prototype app currently for a large wallpaper retailer, who share our goal to bring new experiences to the sector using AR technology. This fascinating project shows how AR can produce emotionally transforming and immersive experiences when combined with print and other media.

As our skills are rooted in storytelling, the interactive experiences we create are not simply gimmicks. We always aim to enhance an experience by entertaining, engaging or educating through our digital content. This wallpaper won’t just augment, as the design of the paper lends itself to education. Watch this space!

Augmented Reality is a powerful way of boosting the value of a product -whether that’s wallpaper, a magazine or any reading material- and creating memorable, unique and engaging experiences. It can also make for an exciting and powerful marketing tool- for use on flyers for example, to grab people’s interest and attention.

We are often approached by companies who have a fantastic idea yet need a proof of concept app in order to sell the idea onto their end client. We’re always happy to consider this should it lead to a long term partnership.

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