29 June 2018

Peel Interactive at the MuseumNext London Conference

Posted By Laura Thompson
This month, we were thrilled to attend the MuseumNext conference in London and ran with the chance to network with a global community of museum professionals who embrace future thinking.

MuseumNext hold conferences every year all over the world, in major cities such as New York, Brisbane, Amsterdam and now London. Through their fantastic speakers, they ask the question ‘what’s next for museums?’ and delve into all aspects of what the future of the museum sector might involve; whether that’s technological advancements or new approaches to leadership and how to grow audiences.
Our Project Manager, Paul Forster, really enjoyed an inspiring talk by ‘OFBYFOR ALL’ Executive Director and Founder, Nina Simon. The company helps organisations to become of, by and for their communities, on the basis that when content is reflective of its community, created by its community and targeted to its community, the more people feel represented, feel ownership towards something and want to participate.

We’re always on the lookout for the newest tools and freshest trends and with MuseumNext conferences being such a buzzing hub of knowledge sharing (there were more than 500 museum professionals from 40+ countries attending the event!) we gained a lot of new insight and are excited to work on some fresh ideas and concepts.
It’s inspiring to see so many people in one space who share the same passion and also interesting to see how realising ‘what’s next’ for individual museums can take very different forms.

Here at Peel Interactive, we champion new, engaging digital content to keep audiences interested and actively enjoying education. We create Emotionally Transforming Digital Experiences for our clients, as we believe this is an important tool in making audiences feel like they have gained new appreciation and knowledge and, depending on the content, to positively affect their outlook and engagement on important global or local topics.

Our project with the RSPB and The Peatlands Partnership, ‘Flows to the Future’, highlights key environmental issues, particularly our desktop and mobile application for children which allows them to step into the shoes of conservationists, teaching them the importance of looking after the peatbogs, how to manage carbon emissions and provides a wider lesson in environmentalism that can be transferred into their everyday lives.

MuseumNext has led to collaborations that span the globe, so if you’re a leader in the museum, heritage or tourism sectors, or at any cultural venues, and you want to learn more how our Creative Digital Agency can enhance what you already offer with the addition of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Degree Content and Bespoke Apps and Games, please contact us at ian.capper@peelinteractive.co.uk or call 01756 796176 for more information.