21 August 2018

Apple Patents Augmented Reality Windscreen

Posted By Laura Thompson
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Here at Peel Interactive, we always have our ear to the ground to keep up to date on the latest news from the world of interactive technology, so we were excited to hear about Apple’s latest patent.
‘Patently Apple’ discovered the patent, which details a future augmented reality windshield system known as ‘Heads Up Display’. Apple’s plans are to turn car windshields into giant augmented reality screens, to display directions, provide information relevant to the environment and even to host FaceTime calls.
Information will be displayed via graphical overlay on top of the window’s transparent surface, meaning the driver can still clearly see ahead whilst the overlay intelligently shows information relevant to their journey; whether that’s directional advice or calculating the vehicle’s speed and comparing it against the actual speed limit, to inform the driver if they are travelling too fast.

The overlay will be designed to follow the road at all times, meaning the driver’s AR screen elements will be properly centred ahead of the driver at all times.

The data informing the display will be gathered by external & internal sensors which may include visible light cameras, infrared cameras, audio sensor devices and more.
Another element to the display is the capacity for vehicle to vehicle FaceTime video calls, using remote location technology- potentially a tricky component to get right, so as not to distract the driver’s attention.

An interesting aspect to the patent is their fantastically named ‘Panicky Occupant Detection’; Apple are currently working with Volkswagen on an autonomous vehicle which would feature this type of new technology. This technology monitors drivers and passengers’ eye motion, body gestures and posture, body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate to observe whether they’re experiencing stress whilst the autonomous vehicle is in action. The augmented reality display system will then dynamically adjust the display based on monitored stress level & cognitive load level.

Image credit: PatentlyApple

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