28 March 2019

The Wales Coast Path - Is Just About to Get Even Better!

Posted By Laura Thompson
We are thrilled to announce that one of our current projects – in partnership with the Wales Coast Path (WCP) – is nearing completion!

Completed in 2012, the WCP is the longest continuous path of – not only the UK coastline – but of any nation! Taking six years to create, the path aims to greatly enhance tourism and recreation opportunities as well as bringing a positive boost to the Welsh economy.

And, with 870 miles of history, myths, legends, wildlife and even world records peppered throughout the route, the role of Peel Interactive has been to create an augmented reality (AR) app which brings all its fascinating stories to life.

The AR app will be able to be used at key locations along the coastline where physical interpretation boards will launch secret augmented reality content. Everything from games, to historical information, images and videos will feature in the app. The interpretation panels will ensure that visitors can enjoy the walking route and sights on offer, but can also appreciate the hidden content at the path’s noteworthy places.
Drawing on Peel Interactive’s wealth of experience in creating augmented reality, at Pendine Sands on the shores of Carmarthen Bay on the south coast of Wales, visitors and walkers will be able to step back in time and watch Malcolm Campbell’s Sunbeam 350HP ‘Blue Bird’ speed along the sands as its sets the world land speed record of 146.16 mph in 1924. The intrepid will also be able to take control of the app and play a mini game in order to attempt their own land speed record in the Bluebird!

Our in-house developer and 3D modeller, Matt Murphy, explains how he recreated the car from scratch: "There were no blueprints available for the car, so instead of the traditional method of setting up orthographic planes, I found a side view photograph and used that for my proportions. That was a good base, but the surfacing of the Bluebird is actually quite intricate, so I used many reference photos and filled out the volume by eye. As I progressed, the re-creation went from being quite flat to having much more volume and a smooth flowing surfacing.

“Once modelled I used Substance Painter to texture the car. The paint finish is imperfect with blemishes and also patches of dirt on the lower side of the chassis rails and the tips of the front exit exhausts – as it would have been the day of the record breaking speed run.

“Finally the complete model was brought into Unity along with all its textures so that it could be rendered in-game using physically based rendering shading to give the car a realistic look.”

Another historic moment which the app recreates on Pendine Sands is the 1933 take-off of Amy Johnson’s de Havilland Dragon Rapide, G-ACCV ‘Seafarer’ non-stop flight to New York, which sadly crash landed in Bridgeport, Connecticut, just short of its record breaking destination.

Peel Interactive have also created 3D historical reconstructions of Porthmadog, Cardiff Bay and Saundersfoot. Literary heroes, Dylan Thomas and the original ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, TE Lawrence from Caernarfonshire, also feature at key points along the route. Wales’ unique fauna, flora and wildlife such as the Silver-studded Blue butterfly, Dolphin, Leatherback Turtle, Dunlin and Oyster Catcher are also there for all to catch an AR glimpse of, as are unique views of the unusual creatures which live beneath the extensive, beautiful sands.

Please contact us info@peelinteractive.co.uk or call 01756 796176 for more information about what we could do for you.