20 March 2019

Burrell Renaissance to Appeal to Wide Range of Visitors with Our Latest Interactive Technologies

Posted By Laura Thompson
Burrell Collection gesture based projections interactive technology museum technology
The £66m refurbishment of the Burrell Collection, a remarkable world-class collection and one of Scotland’s finest art collections, will incorporate ground breaking, digitally interactive installations as part of its highly anticipated ‘Renaissance’ – a pioneering project which Peel Interactive is delighted to working alongside the Burrell and Glasgow Life team to produce.

The Burrell Collection is one of Scotland’s most valuable and well known cultural assets, gifted to the city by Sir William Burrell in 1944. The world class museum which is sited in the city’s Pollock Country Park closed for a major re-development in 2016. Expected to re-open in 2020 the refurbished museum promises to display more than 90 per cent of its 9,000-strong collection. In addition to two further floors and an improved cafe and shop, there will also be a new ‘civic events space’ outside.

The suite of cutting edge, digital experiences Peel Interactive has been commissioned to create – which will incorporate unique and impressive large scale gesture based projections and screen based interactives – will enable visitors of all ages to directly engage with the Burrell’s vast collections of Medieval, Chinese and French art, including its paintings by Manet, Cezanne and Degas.

The gesture based interactives will even enable even the under-fives to connect with and become part of the collection including seeing themselves in the style of the famous Degas painting, ‘The Rehearsal’.
“To be playing a key part in the Burrell’s Renaissance, creating inspiring high tech installations to tell its stories and bring alive its collection is a real accolade for Peel Interactive,” said its managing director, Jessica Wright.

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Image credit: The Burrell Collection. Painting 'Chateau de Medan', Paul Cezanne.