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360° video is a powerful format for digital content. It places the user into the narrative, giving them an immersive experience of real or computer generated environments.

Our in-house creative team has all areas of the process covered; from initial planning, scriptwriting and storyboarding, to filming with professional directors, producers and actors, to editing the final footage, adding special effects and bespoke soundtracks, with the final product delivered in whichever platform is preferred.

3D ontent can be hosted on Facebook, YouTube, websites, mobile or tablet devices or via virtual reality headgear.

If you’re looking for a 3D generated scene to enhance your project, Peel Interactive has the know-how and technology to deliver a cutting-edge, one-stop service and a truly impressive product. Check out our 3D Modelling page for more details.

Featured Project
Colchester Castle


Colchester Castle

Bringing our fascinating heritage to life

Colchester and Ipswich Museums approached Peel Interactive to develop an app to enrich their visitor experience. The app was predominantly to focus on Colchester Castle, but was also to incorporate a section dedicated to the wider heritage available around Colchester town centre, including suggested walking trails and interactive interest points.

After thorough consultation and collaboration with museum staff, we developed a fantastic app, which includes a number of exciting, Augmented Reality (AR) features and 360-degree panoramas, as well as animation, informative videos and a wealth of high-quality imagery.

From panoramas of an original Norman banqueting scene and the King’s bedchambers, through to an animation of the story depicted on the Colchester Vase and even the appearance of the gruesome executed Briton’s head before your very eyes, we ensured the museum underwent a dynamic digital makeover.

Rebuilding the past in 360 degree 3D
Our talented team created highly detailed 3D reconstructions of a number of rooms within the castle. These models were thoroughly researched to recreate how the rooms would have looked during the Norman period when the castle was brimming with Kings, Queens and courtiers.

The 3D scenes were generated in 360 degree panoramas, allowing visitors to explore all around them and enjoy truly immersive experiences of a Norman banqueting scene, the beautifully painted chapel and the King’s bedchambers.

Our fabulous reconstruction of Botolph’s Priory, takes visitors back in time, restoring this ruin to its original impressive glory. Massive circular pillars, round arches and the elaborate west front, all magically rebuild themselves with visitors able to use a slider feature, to compare then and now with ease.

The impressive Roman tombstones of Facilis and Longinus were also lovingly reconstructed using the latest 3D modelling software and all this was accessible from an easy to navigate interactive floor plan.


Stepping into history with Augmented Reality - a perfect solution

We created 3D reconstructions of a number of rooms within the castle. These models were thoroughly researched to recreate how the rooms would have looked during the Norman period, when the castle was brimming with Kings, Queens and courtiers.

The Colchester Castle app delivers many fun Augmented Reality features, including the chance to interact with and dress up like a Roman warrior, immerse yourself in a spectacular banqueting scene with the then King of England and watch a human skull come to life - reconstructed with hair, facial features and lots of blood!

Beyond the experience
The Colchester Castle app is installed and runs on 100 android tablets in kiosk mode, which are hired out to visitors during their visit to the castle museum, meaning this project also serves as a functioning revenue tool.

The bespoke system we created for this project allows the content to be updated through a backend system and remains private from the public download. Furthermore, whilst charging and not in use, the app uploads visitor usage statistics and survey responses for client analysis.

We also created a separate Ancient Colchester app, which contains further historic information and virtual reconstruction and is available for free via both the Google and Apple App Stores.

A perfect solution
Our brief was to increase visitor interaction and fun in the castle and the surrounding areas, whilst providing relevant, accurate and interesting information - and we’ve done just that!

"PEEL Interactive’s work with Colchester Castle has re-imagined, and re-defined the possibilities of augmented reality technology."

Joe Wilson

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