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360° video is a powerful format for digital content. It places the user into the narrative, giving them an immersive experience of real or computer generated environments.

With our in-house creative team we have all areas of the process covered from initial planning, script writing and storyboarding. We can even organise the shoot with professional directors, producers and actors at our disposal. We don’t stop there though, we even edit the final footage adding special effects and bespoke soundtracks, which can be delivered to whatever platform you desire.

If you want a 3D generated scene creating then our team have it covered. We can build anything you want, check out our 3D modelling page (link) for more details.

Your content can be hosted on Facebook, YouTube, your own website, mobile or tablet devices or via virtual reality headgear.

Featured Project
Colchester Castle


Colchester Castle

360 degree content

360 degree content

Our task was to develop an app that enriches the experience of Colchester Castle as well as incorporating a section dedicated to the wider heritage available around Colchester town centre with suggested walking trails and interactive interest points.

To be included in the main castle part of the app were a number of exciting augmented reality features and 360-degree panoramas, as well as informative videos and a wealth of high-quality imagery.


Historical reconstructions

We created 3D reconstructions of a number of rooms within the castle. These models were a recreation of how the rooms looked during the Norman period when the castle was brimming with Kings, Queens and courtiers.

The 3D scenes were created in 360 degree panoramas allowing visitors to explore all around them and experience what the castle would have looked like in days gone by. An original Norman banqueting scene, the beautifully painted chapel and the King's bedchambers were created using historical research.

Another great feature is a reconstruction of Botolph's Priory an impressive example of early Norman architecture, built in flint and reused Roman brick, the church displays massive circular pillars, round arches and an elaborate west front. It lies in ruins but our developers reconstructed the building to show visitors what it used to look like. You can use a slider to view the Priory as it is today and as it was in the Norman period.

"PEEL Interactive’s work with Colchester Castle has re-imagined, and re-defined the possibilities of augmented reality technology."

Joe Wilson

I Think of Icarus

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