Immersive Dome Experience

No matter how we describe this we won’t do it justice, it simply has to be seen to be believed. This unique technology enables clients to offer immersive 360° shared experiences to a group of people, unlike other digital experiences which can be insular.

Our 360 degree dome experiences allow your chosen audience to be fully immersed in the action. Previously we have seen clients utilise the dome to break out of the classroom to learn in an unconventional and interactive manner.

The Immersive Dome Experience we offer is fully hemispherical and can combine modern video techniques, such as 360° filming, 2D animations and 3D content, as a way to entertain and educate groups of up to 20 - 1000 people. The Dome can be used for both exhibitions and public displays.

The distinctive and durable domes boast structures that are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. What’s more, we also provide easy to use operating manuals which ensure a team of any size can set the structure up with ease. This also more importantly means they’ll have more time to focus on delivering an exciting interactive experience.

Featured Project
Drax Power Station


Drax Power Station


We were selected to design, develop, and project manage the delivery of a 360 degree learning environment for Drax Power Station’s education programme. This interactive ‘classroom’, takes the form of an inflatable dome space, with integrated projectors, and is touring around UK schools to educate Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 on all STEM curriculum subjects.

Through a mixed-media approach, utilising 360 degree aerial film, 2D and 3D animation, voice over and interactive choreographed workshops, the dome delivers the educative material required in a thoroughly interactive and immersive manner.



‘Drax in the Classroom’ takes the power station on the road, with the aim of allowing students and educators to interactively engage with the energy industry, gaining fascinating insights and touching upon important issues of sustainability.

In addition to information and display, users get to investigate and pull apart the complex engineering elements of turbines, transformers and the energy generation process as a whole. This unique interaction offers a cutting-edge, engaging way to bring the STEM curriculum to life for thousands of learners.