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3D Modelling

We don’t like to boast but our 3D modelling team are kind of the bee’s knees. They can create anything from the ordinary to the fantastical. It doesn’t matter what you want, we have the team who can build it. Our team have built everything from cars and pirate ships to dinosaurs and realistic imaginary worlds.

3D modelling is a method of allowing users to view or interact with objects or places that can’t be accessed through traditional means. So if you have something that doesn’t exist or want to recreate something from the past, we can do it.

Typically, our 3D modelling is supplemented with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality installations to enhance the audience engagement levels of the selected space.

Make a lasting impression

3D modelling can also be displayed as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering, it represents a fantastic way of immersing the imagination of individuals or groups of people.

Many of our clients have used 3D modelling to bring to life creative styles of learning, resulting in new and innovative experiences left imprinted on their audience’s minds.

Featured Project
York Mansion House


York Mansion House


York re-imagined

We worked closely with York Mansion House to deliver an exciting digital project as part of their £2.6 million restoration program. The client had some big ideas but they assumed that their budget couldn’t afford them to deliver them all. Their most ambitious idea was the recreate the view from their window which overlooks St Helen’s Square in York as it was in the Roman, Medieval and Georgian periods.

For each time period a highly detailed and historically accurate 3D reconstruction of each period was created. The reconstructions were created using Unity and built using artists drawings as a reference point.

Our modellers built everything from the ground up, with a huge amount of detail from fixtures and fittings inside shop windows with full window displays of food and clothing. Mud, dirt and detailed texture was added to give each scene a sense of realism. They baked beautiful light into each scene creating realistic shadow effects and different times of the day. Small animations were then added to bring the scene to life.

Points of interest bring context to each of the three scenes, informing users of the changes to the square over the three time periods.


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