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3D Modelling

3D modelling is a key element in generating Augmented and Virtual Reality installations, which enhance audience engagement levels of a selected space, allowing users to view or interact with objects or places that can’t be accessed through traditional means. It’s a fabulous way of bringing lost worlds or experiences back to life or creating brand new immersive adventures to thrill the senses.

Our 3D modelling team really is the bee’s knees when it comes to creating virtual worlds, from faithful replications of real locations to fabulous, fantasy realms where the imagination can really run wild.

So if you want to recreate something from the past or create and explore an experience that doesn’t exist, Peel Interactive has the solution for you.

Make a lasting impression

Many of our clients have used 3D modelling to generate creative immersive learning tools, resulting in new and innovative experiences left imprinted on their audience’s minds.

3D modelling can also be displayed as a two-dimensional image, through a process called 3D rendering, which represents a fantastic way of immersing the imagination of individuals or groups of people.

Featured Project
York Mansion House


York Mansion House

York Re-imagined

Making the digital dollar go further
We worked closely with York Mansion House to deliver an exciting digital project as part of their £2.6 million restoration program. The client had some big ideas, but assumed their budget wouldn’t allow them to be realised in full. Happily, Peel Interactive was able to offer them the perfect solution.

Cooking up a storm
This exciting project included the full restoration and opening of the Georgian basement kitchen, for the first time in the museum’s history. Peel Interactive was proud to deliver some truly exciting digital content for the kitchen project, which included utilising Interactive Projection (IP) in a unique, interactive cookery experience.

We partnered with food historian and chef, Dr Annie Grey. We filmed Annie preparing two traditional Georgian meals against a green screen. IP technology was then employed to project this film onto a cook book, like the ones in ‘Harry Potter’, which then magically comes to life, with Annie inviting visitors to help her prepare a meal for a Georgian Banquet. Annie carefully guides visitors through the whole cooking experience, from start to finish, delivering a mesmerising and engaging personal insight into Georgian cooking.

Visitors are then amazed as IP projections allow them to “pickup” 3D objects, projected onto the table top, and to interact with them as if they were real. When users crack eggs into a bowl, they react like real eggs. When they chop up virtual ingredients they are careful of their fingers and when they rip the skin from a joint of beef, some truly gruesome sound effects make the whole experience astonishingly lifelike.

One of our in-house developers, Jon Martin, used his modelling skills to the full for this project, applying real-world physics into the application, to ensure that each 3D object in the projection acts in an incredibly naturalistic way. Take the egg for instance; if the user cracks it by hitting the edge of the bowl, it will slide round the curve of the bowl and into the bottom, where the yolk will rotate until it comes to a natural stop.

Our highly skilled team and their attention to detail is key to the exceptional quality of all Peel Interactive products and drives our considerable success in this field. The team includes 2D and 3D artists, animators, programmers, interpretation specialists, scriptwriters, music producers, videographers and copywriters, whose combined knowledge and expertise allows us to create a diverse range of content-rich products. Coupled with this is our consistent commitment to create content that is truly interactive, highly entertaining, and allows visitors to engage with any story, collection or object in a unique and creative manner.

A time travelling window
York Mansion House had an ambitious idea to recreate the view from a window which overlooks St Helen’s Square in York, as it was in the Roman, Medieval and Georgian periods. Happily, the Peel Interactive modelling team was up to the challenge.

For each time period a highly detailed and historically accurate 3D reconstruction was created, using Unity and built using artists’ drawings as a reference point. Firstly, our modellers built everything from the ground up, with a huge amount of detail, including fixtures and fittings inside shop windows, with displays of period food and clothing. Mud, dirt and detailed textures were then added, to give each scene a further sense of realism.

Next, beautiful light was baked into each scene, creating realistic shadow effects and different times of the day. Then small animations were introduced, to really bring the scene to life. Finally, specific points of interest were inserted, to bring context to each of the three scenes, informing users of the changes to the square over the featured time periods.


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