Animation is a one of our favourite digital services, as it gives the imagination free rein to discover fun and engaging ways to tell stories, illustrate concepts and bring content to life. Through animation, our talented designers have the flexibility to closely match our clients’ branding and message aspirations, creating worlds and characters, both real and imagined, to represent their content and services to their customers, with precision, accuracy and in fun and entertaining ways.

Through years of professional experience, our talented team is skilled in using a wide range of animation software, including Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Peel Interactive can employ animation in many different ways, through various kinds of platforms and applications. Whether you wish to entertain, teach and help provide understanding of issues, or simply enhance or extend your audience engagement, no ideas are too far-fetched; whatever you can imagine our animators can create it.

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