Animation is a great way of bringing stories to life in a fun and engaging way and it's one of our favourite digital services. Animation excites us because it allows us to work with our clients to accurately create a mirror image of their vision that can be pushed to their audiences as a means of increasing engagement with their brand, service or product.

Our talented designers are experts and can produce animations of any nature that are fun, engaging and help to tell stories.

Animation can be used in many different ways through various sources of applications. Whether our client wishes to entertain, teach and help provide understanding to issues or just engage their audience further; we can create it for you. No ideas are too far-fetched, and our animators can create whatever you can imagine.

Through years of hard work and experience, our team are skilled in such a breadth and depth of software ranging from Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro amongst a whole range of other software.

Featured Project
The Parliamentary Education Service


The Parliamentary Education Service



This was a big project for us and one we’re really proud of. Working closely with The Parliamentary Education Service we scoped out some creative ideas and suggested ways of turning important historical subject matter into cool and exciting content for school visitors aged 8 – 18.

The result was a truly special augmented reality app that is utilised as a visual enhancing aid to workshops aiming to inform, engage and empower young people with three key themes; Parliament is relevant, Parliament is yours and Parliament is evolving.

The app features two animations inspired by the illustrations of Martin Brown from the ‘Horrible Histories’ series. Queen Victoria and Charles I were brought to life by our 2D illustrator and animators.

Charles I

Not so Horrible History

Pre-production involved establishing the plot based around our script. Because each shot in animation is so labour-intensive, it was imperative to get shots right during pre-production.

Our animations were storyboarded, in which the main action in each scene is drawn in a comic book-like form. Storyboards are usually pasted on large foam-core or poster board sheets, which can be quickly viewed by the client. During pre-production, the client reviewed the storyboard for consistency, and parts of the storyboard were redrawn a couple of times.

Production is the point at which our computers step in. We created digital cels which were coloured using the computer. Meanwhile, a background is drawn (on the computer, or hand-drawn and scanned). The background is imported into an animation program, and each cel is layered onto the background in succession. This was then saved on the computer as a single video file.

The finished product is a modern looking animation that was then used in our augmented reality app. The reaction of the kids using the app is priceless as the script is funny yet informative and provides a unique way of getting a message across.

Peel’s combination of professionalism, creativity and technical expertise were key in delivering an innovative augmented reality experience for Parliament’s Education Centre.

Ozan Mehmet

Education Centre ICT Manager

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