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Augmented Reality

A fantastic way to bring practically anything life, Augmented Reality (AR) uses the latest digital technology to generate an enhanced user experience right on your smartphone or tablet.

So far the Peel Interactive team has augmented magazines, flyers and books, exhibition stands, wallpaper, packaging, calendars, museum artifacts and even whole rooms.


Our creatives and technicians are brimming with fresh ideas to design and deliver an experience beyond your expectations.

We can provide pretty much anything from 2D and 3D animations to 3D models and reconstructions, mobile games and full-blown apps. Our AR solutions can be used anywhere and at any time using SLAM and traditional AR, and there’s no need for old fashioned printed markers or QR codes, as we can use images, objects or even buildings to trigger your content.

A specially selected team will work closely with you every step of the way, from concept creation and initial ideas, through managing and delivering the whole design process, building and creating everything from scratch and then testing, installing and launching your product. Naturally we will also provide ongoing support and updates to your bespoke product as required. We offer a free of charge 12 month maintenance agreement to ensure any issues arising are sorted out quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve got an idea then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. If you want some inspiration check out our featured projects below.

Featured Project
The Parliamentary Education Centre


The Parliamentary Education Centre

Augmented Reality

Making history cool again

We’re extremely proud of this very prestigious project – after all you can’t get much more important than the seat of government. The Parliamentary Education Service was looking for AR solutions to provide fresh content to school visitors aged 8 to 18. We worked closely with the client to scope out some creative ideas and suggested ways of turning important historical subject matter into a cool and engaging experience. We then work-shopped our ideas with a group of local school children and settled on a series of ‘Horrible Histories’ inspired animations, which they thought would be a fun way to learn about history.

The result is a truly special Augmented Reality app which enhances educational workshops aiming to inform, engage and empower young people with three key themes; Parliament is relevant, Parliament is yours and Parliament is evolving.

Using this app, learners now experience important historical moments through the lives of key monarchs, whilst also gaining first hand and unique access to objects they would not usually have the opportunity to see close up.


By simply pointing a device at an image on the wall of a classroom, a portrait springs to life, with the featured monarch then telling the user about their relationship with parliament.

Using AR we were also able to bring Sir Winston Churchill back to the House of Commons. By filming an actor against a green screen and adding him into a 100% accurate 3D model of the Commons, visitors are now able to travel back in time and hear the iconic British leader give one of his famous speeches.

Creating such an accurate 3D model was no mean feat though, as access to the chamber is understandably limited - we had to use images found on google as a reference point!

"Peel's work is wonderful. They did such a fantastic job, which will enable young people to learn about Parliament in a unique and exciting way."

John Bercow

Speaker of the House of Commons

on-brand learning

As well as the ‘living portrait’ feature in the Education Centre, we used a similar idea to recreate the pomp and ceremony of the House of Lords. By pointing an iPad at an image of the House of Lords, an animated 3D scene plays, showing the visitor the traditional ceremony which takes place whenever The Lords sits. The user can then delve into the history even further by interacting with points of interest.

This Augmented Reality app delivers fantastic on-brand learning messages through beautiful design, innovative content creation and a unique and interactive digital experience.

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