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Computer Vision

Computer vision is the technology behind augmented reality, interactive projections and even self driving cars. We've developed a number of solutions in this sector, from marker based augmented reality, simultaneous localisation and mapping based AR all the way to gesture recognition as part of a interactive projection solution that uses a depth camera to accurately capture data.

Featured Project
York Mansion House


York Mansion House

Interactive Projection

Cooking up a storm

We were selected to specifically design, develop, and project manage the delivery of York Mansion House’s digital interpretation for their £1.5 million restoration project.

As a company, our creative approach focuses on being immersive and interactive to engage target audiences in an intuitive and user friendly manner. Based around this approach we’ve been able to deliver some truly exciting digital content for York mansion House.

Opened for the first time in York Mansion House’s history will be the basement, where a traditional Georgian kitchen has been fully restored. Another first and bespoke installation, is our delivery of a unique interactive cookery experience. Peel Interactive partnered with Dr Annie Grey; Food Historian, Chef and resident food historian.

A cookery history lesson

We filmed Annie preparing two traditional Georgian meals against a green screen. The video is then projected onto a cook book similar to the books in ‘Harry Potter’, which then comes to life with Annie inviting visitors to help her prepare a meal for a Georgian Banquet. Annie carefully guide you through the whole cooking experience from start to finish giving visitors a unique and personal insight into Georgian cooking.

Visitors are blown away as they “pickup” 3D objects projected onto the table top and are able to interact with them as if they were real, physical objects. Crack eggs into a bowl and they’ll react like the real thing, chop up your ingredients but be careful of your fingers, you can even rip the skin from a joint of beef whist enjoying the gruesome sound effects!

Annie carefully guides visitors through the whole cooking experience from start to finish giving visitors a unique and personal insight into period cooking.

One of our in-house developers Jon Martin, spent time ensuring that each 3D object acts in the same way the real object would. Take an egg for instance; crack it into the bowl and if it hits the edge of the bowl it will slide round the curve and into the bottom where the yolk will rotate until it comes to a natural stop. Jon has applied real world physics into the application to achieve this effect.

Attention to detail drives us; we strive to create content that is truly interactive, allowing visitors to engage with any story, collection or object in a unique and creative manner. Our wider interactive team includes; 2D and 3D artists, animators, programmers, interpretation specialists, script writers, music producers, videographers and copywriters whose combined knowledge and expertise allow us to create diverse and content rich products. The content for York Mansion House is testimony to that.