Film Production

Filmed media can enrich websites, visitor-guides and mobile applications to provide a more engaging means of communicating information to your customers, visitors and audiences.

Our in-house team of content creators, visual designers and digital media professionals can work with you from initial concept scoping to filming and post-production. Where we combine both live footage with on-screen graphics and animation.

We do everything from small-scale video projects to working with international production companies on major television series.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, documentary-style video, or a more creatively-led film resource, we have the skills and expertise to help make your project a success.

Due to our extensive experience of working in the TV & Film industry we understand the importance of effective and efficient dialogue between location property and Production Company.

Having been directly involved in productions with BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Fresh One, Betty and Viacom; we have the skills and expertise to make a Film or TV project at your site, hassle-free and a success.

Featured Project
Kelmarsh Hall


Kelmarsh Hall

Film Production

A Professional team

We were commissioned to deliver a bespoke app to bring the stories of the servants and residents of Kelmarsh Hall to life. There are four rooms with interactive content; each room has a unique augmented character from the 1800’s to the roaring 1920’s.

Using our own talent agency we cast actors based not only on their acting ability but also their likeness to the real person. We were very lucky to find a suitable actor to fulfil each roll. Our very own wardrobe department were tasked with sourcing costumes from a number of different periods. Luckily, we have our own wardrobe department full of costumes to draw from.

Our studio was kitted out with the latest green screen technology in readiness for the filming. Hair, makeup and costume applied, we spent a day with each actor filming two different scenes. We wanted to supply the client team with at least two films for each character. This allows them to switch out the content to keep it fresh and updated, encouraging return visitors.

Actors were hired through our very own Peel Talent Agency from which we have a large pool of professional actors on our database. And our in house wardrobe department supplied historically accurate costumes from a number of different time periods.

We were also commissioned to produce a ‘Peppers Ghost’ exhibit, whereby the ‘ghost’ of a servant appears before guests and tells them about his life at Kelmarsh.

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