Film Production

Filmed media is a great way to enrich websites, visitor-guides and mobile applications, a more engaging means of communicating information to your customers, visitors and audiences.

Our in-house team of content creators, visual designers and digital media professionals can work with you from initial concept scoping, right through to filming and post-production, where we can combine both live footage with on-screen graphics and animation.

We do everything from small-scale video projects to working with international production companies on major films and television series.

We have extensive experience of working in the TV & Film industry, including projects for the BBC, Channel 4, Sky TV, Fresh One, Betty and Viacom. This has equipped Peel Interactive with the all the in-house skills and expertise required to manage your whole project successfully, including all aspects of concept development, planning, scripting, location liaison, direction, shooting, editing and post production.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, documentary-style video, or a more creative film resource, we have the team to make your project a success.

Featured Project
Kelmarsh Hall


Kelmarsh Hall

Film Production

A Professional team

We were commissioned to deliver a bespoke visitor app for Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire, UK. As part of a considerable redevelopment, the app was conceived as a low-impact solution to bring this fascinating house to life, telling the stories of real servants and residents, who had actually lived there through the years. Four rooms were selected to carry interactive content; each of which was to host a unique augmented character from different periods of the house’s history, from the 1800s to the roaring 20s.

Our in-house scriptwriter developed stories and scripts, in close collaboration with Kelmarsh’s own historians, using archive documents from their collection. Our own Peel Talent agency then cast suitable actors, based not only on their acting ability but also their likeness to the real person they were to portray. Our experience and wide resources for casting meant we were easily able to find a perfect actor to fill each roll. Our wardrobe department were then tasked with finding historically correct costumes from a number of different periods, most of which were sourced directly from our own extensive stores.

Once scripts and casting were signed-off, a shoot day was scheduled and a studio space booked, equipped with the latest green screen technology required for the filming. On the day of filming, everything came together for the shoots. Actors arrived, having already received their scripts, to prepare hair and makeup and be fitted into their costumes. Each actor was then filmed performing at least two different scenes to camera, guided by our own experienced director to ensure each actor performed to their best and according to client specifications. This choice of scenes allows the client to switch the content when required, to keep the installation fresh and updated, encouraging return visitors.

In our studio, our talented editors then superimposed each film onto backgrounds sourced from the feature rooms at Kelmarsh Hall, and our expert programmers inserted them into the narrative programme to create the final app.

Visitors to Kelmarsh Hall can now meet these fascinating characters, simply by pointing a device at targets in the rooms, and enjoy an entertaining and educational experience, with no need for intrusive signage, display boards, screens or live actors.

We were also commissioned to produce a ‘Peppers Ghost’ exhibit, whereby the ‘ghost’ of a servant appears before guests and tells them about his life at Kelmarsh.

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