Fred Olsen Cruise Lines


Long-standing cruise client, Fred Olsen, requested a series of 3D animated characters to market their unique Poison, Murder and Mystery Cruise, and we were more than up to the challenge.

The idea behind the project was to allow passengers to choose one of the fictional characters in the murder mystery as their own avatar, ahead of boarding, to build excitement and anticipation of the cruise ahead. Once they had chosen their character, they had the chance to star in a movie, to share digitally or download as a keepsake, which took inspiration from projects similar to ‘Elf-yourself’ or the Three #SingItKitty campaign.

Twelve characters were painstakingly created by our in-house team of artists, from the ship’s chaplain, Reverend Yew, to Italian femme fatale, Miss Bella Donna.

Professor Mandrake video


Each of the characters required their own video, so our talented team of scriptwriters, 3D developers and designers set about creating detailed profiles and background stories, before commencing the creative process of building the 3D characters and scenes.

After the twelve movies were completed, we created a content-aware, cross-browser web application, which would digitally enhance and capture the user's features, before sending this to a backend streaming render service.

The streaming service took the selected character's movie, the user's name, and image and, utilising our specific instruction set, composited them online before sending the completed movie file back to the client's browser.

Users then had the option to share the movie on Facebook or download for their own personal use.


Once the designs were agreed upon, it was time to create the setting for the storyline as a scene on board a cruise ship, which was designed by our artists and developers.

The ultimate product engaged and intrigued guests of all ages, with the complex storyline achieving the desired effect of keeping users entertained throughout.

Combining experience and in-depth knowledge of the process of online video rendering with a thorough understanding of the possibilities of self-promoted viral marketing, we feel that this project was not only a great success for our client but also fantastic learning experience for our team.

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