3D games





Who doesn't like playing games? Interactive games form a key part of our mobile applications and the engagement they provide help us bring content to life in an exciting and innovative way.

More and more of our clients are looking to utilise gaming in mobile applications as it’s a great way to engage with individuals or groups. Especially for younger audiences in the museum and heritage sectors.

Our in-house developers use 3D gaming engine ‘Unity’, to produce interactive games that are suitable across a wide demographic. We can produce standalone interactive games or create games that are then embedded into an app.

We can make any type of game

Examples of games include conventional favourites such as Spot the Difference, to unforgettable experiences such as feeding digital wild animals on the plain of Africa; or even destroying the famous tombstones of Facilis and Longinus just like the Iceni warriors did in the Boudicca revolt. This is all courtesy of our Augmented Reality animations, we can produce games to suit any situation.

In our experience, the use of interactive gaming as part of the user journey can push the audience -to an active and prolonged learning experience.