Marella Cruises: Splash Live!

Making an Augmented Reality Splash!

One of the UK’s biggest cruise lines, Marella Cruises, was looking for cutting-edge, digital features for their family entertainment products on board two ships, the Discovery and Discovery 2.

Peel Interactive designed, developed, and project managed the installation of bespoke animated characters and associated Augmented Reality (AR) games, aimed at young cruise guests and to accompany their ‘Splash Live!’ theatre shows.

From page to stage, to screen

From page to stage
‘Splash Live!’ features a range of 2D characters designed by our in-house creative team, which were initially only intended for advertising purposes on print media. However, the characters were such a hit with passengers that Marella wanted to take it a step further and bring them to life.

We produced a number of sea creature-based characters and a couple of human characters too, including Eugenie, our underwater explorer who looks after the ocean and the animals who live there. Children loved Eugenie so much that the Peel Cruise Delivery Team decided to give her her own spot in the Splash Live show.

From stage to screen
Eugenie also features in the “Splash Live!” AR games app, conceived to enable 3 to 11 year old children and their families to learn and work together as a team, enjoying the success of completing various tasks.

The games are a mixture of platform level, puzzle and copycat games. Each game has its own design, look and feel and is designed around a specific character appearing in the ‘Splash’ shows.

The user (family) downloads the app onto their own or their parent’s device and can then take part in an on-board treasure hunt. We designed special magnetic markers which are placed around the ship in a different location each day. Players receive a clue as to which marker they must seek out on that day. Once they find the marker they simply point their device at the target image to launch an augmented 3D scene. Within the content players are presented with a game to complete and, once they complete all three games on their cruise, they are awarded with points, which they can then exchange for a prize.

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