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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are widely used tools in the digital age and there are many template versions available to buy off-the-shelf. However, this technology has now become so accessible that designing bespoke apps from scratch, to specifically match client brand and requirements, is well within the reach of most companies and organisations and offers a far more powerful solution.

At Peel Interactive we can design highly tailored mobile apps, which perfectly reflect your identity and provide rich and engaging experiences for your audiences, bringing your stories or messages to life in new and exciting ways. Our pioneering team will support you in all aspects design and realisation, making the process simple, efficient and stress-free.

We pride ourselves in developing this exciting technology to ‘increase access’ to our client’s content, in an informative and educational manner. We achieve this by utilising our expertise in live interpretation, 3D mapping, animation, reconstruction, video, audio production and imaging.

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