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We don’t use template apps that you can buy off the shelf. There’s nothing wrong with that but we want you to have your own app, designed to suit your needs and your branding.
Our mobile apps are not simply informational – we enhance stories by utilising a range of entertaining and interactive content.

In such a digitally driven world, our goal is to enable you to provide a rich and engaging experience for your audience and bring your story to life in new and exciting ways. Our team are able to support you in all aspects of the realisation of your mobile app, making the process stress-free and flexible.

The intention is always to ‘increase access’ to the many fascinating features and stories in an engaging, informative and educational manner. We achieve this by utilising our expertise in live interpretation, 3D mapping, animation, reconstruction, video, audio production and imaging.

Featured Project
Colchester Castle


Colchester Castle

Mobile App

A unique visitor guide

Our task was to develop an app that enriches the experience of Colchester Castle as well as incorporating a section dedicated to the wider heritage available around Colchester town centre with suggested walking trails and interactive interest points.

To be included in the main castle part of the app were a number of exciting augmented reality features and 360-degree panoramas, as well as informative videos and a wealth of high-quality imagery.

From panoramas of an original Norman banqueting scene and the King's bedchambers, through to an animation of the story depicted on the Colchester Vase and even an executed Briton's head appearing before your very eyes, we ensured the museum underwent a digital makeover.

The impressive Roman tombstones of Facilis and Longinus were also lovingly reconstructed using the latest 3D modelling software and all this was accessible from an easy to navigate interactive floor plan.


engaging content

The app is installed and runs on 100 android tablets in kiosk mode, which are hired out to visitors during their visit to the castle museum, meaning this project also serves as a functioning revenue tool. A bespoke system we created for this project allows the content to be updated through a backend system and remained private from the public download.

The application uploads visitor usage statistics and any survey responses, whilst charging and not in use. We also created a separate Ancient Colchester app which contains further historic information and virtual reconstruction which is available for free and is available on both the Google and Apple App Stores.

The app is full of fun augmented reality features, including giving visitors the chance to interact with and dress up like a Roman warrior, immersing themselves in a spectacular banqueting scene with the then King of England and watching a human skull come to life - reconstructed with hair, facial features and lots of blood!

We created a 3D reconstruction of Botolph's Priory as it would have looked in the Norman period. Stand in the middle of the ruins and augmented reality shows how the priory once looked.

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