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RSPB - Flows to The Future

A conservation conundrum

Our friends at the RSPB contacted us with an interesting challenge; they have a huge amount of interesting facts and data about the Flow Country, the largest expanse of peatbog in Europe, which they wanted to make more interesting, fun and informative for younger audiences.

Peel Interactive devised two bespoke solutions to answer this challenge; a video infographic and an interactive educational game.

Sometimes simple is simply the best
The Infographic Video is a popular, adaptable and creative way of visualising data and facts through simple animated films. It represents a highly effective communication medium, capable of conveying complex and concrete information and facilitating a much greater power of retention in the user than a simple list of facts.

Our script writers took the basic facts and figures and turned them into two separate stories. A simple pallet of colours was selected for a simple, 2D style of animation. The final films deliver a clear storyline, including humorous animations, and skilfully embed the wealth of data in an entertaining narrative, making the information easy to digest and remember. The RSPB and their Flow Country visitors are delighted with Peel Interactive’s imaginative solution to this challenge.

A fun way to present a serious topic

In addition to the animated infographic, we developed an interactive display game, to educate school children aged 9 - 14 on the carbon storage qualities of the Peatlands and their associated role in climate change.

The game places the player in the role of a ‘Peatland Manager’. The task is to manage a small area of peatland whilst overcoming challenges and making informed decisions.

The landscape is divided into 9 squares. In every turn the player must perform tasks to ensure the peatbog remains healthy. However, at any point, a random event generator can introduce a challenge and offer players options as to how to address the related conservation issue. For instance, tourists may turn up and start walking across the peatbog, damaging it and disturbing wildlife. The player may choose to hold a workshop, to educate the walkers about the importance of the peatbog. Alternatively, they may choose to build pathways to ensure tourists stick to a route, cause less damage and don’t sink into the bog.

Each action performed by the player has a consequence, this is shown in terms of how much carbon is released into the atmosphere; the more carbon you release the lower your score. The app is used in schools all over Scotland, to help educate children about the important role the peatlands play in helping to prevent global warming.

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