Augmented Reality

Augmented reality
PEEL Interactive are experts in augmented reality which is the overlay or augmentation of digital data upon the live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment.

There are a growing number of techniques of augmented reality and PEEL Interactive brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating, developing, extending and matching these techniques to specific scenarios.

PEEL Interactive’s augmented reality solutions utilise the company’s long-standing experience in content production and apply them in a digital setting to create engaging, inspirational and informative visitor experiences.

We use a variety of methods to bring content to life and this flexibility allows us to work around artwork and artefacts. We have prior experience of using both marker-less and image based augmented reality solutions and this is demonstrated in both the Alnwick Garden and Colchester Castle Museum applications.

We firmly believe that augmented reality will form the backbone of next generation audio visual guides and visitor experiences.

You can watch a short demo of the technology in action below.

Key Features / Skills

Augmented reality by PEEL Interactive
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