Film & Video Production

Film & Video Production
PEEL Interactive produces professional-quality video and filmed media for a wide range of projects and clients.

Filmed media can enrich websites, visitor-guides and mobile apps, providing a more engaging means of communicating information to your potential customers, visitors and audiences.

Our in-house team of content creators, visual designers and digital media professionals can work with you from initial concept scoping through to filming and post-production, combining both live footage with on-screen graphics and animation.

PEEL Interactive has considerable experience of delivering both small-scale video projects, while at the same time we have worked with international production companies on major television series.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, documentary-style video, or a more creatively-led film resource, PEEL Interactive has the skills and expertise to help make your project a success.

PEEL Interactive has extensive experience of working in TV & Film and understands the importance of effective and efficient dialogue between location property and production company.

Having been directly involved in productions with BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Fresh One, Betty and Viacom; we have the skills and expertise to make a Film or TV project at your site hassle-free and a success.

Key Features / Skills

Film production by PEEL Interactive
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