Interactive Games
Interactive games form a key part of our mobile apps and the engagement they provide help us bring content to life in an exciting way.

More and more clients are looking towards gaming as a great way to engage with their visitors. PEEL Interactive use 3D gaming engine Unity to produce interactive games that are suitable across a wide demographic. We can produce standalone interactive games or create games that are then embedded into an app.

From conventional favourites such as Spot the Difference, right through to feeding digital ducks that appear at your feet courtesy of augmented reality, we can produce games to suit any situation.

We’re also experienced in creating educational games such as our work for Colchester Castle where, using augmented reality, users were able to destroy the famous tombstones of Facilis and Longinus just like the Iceni warriors did in the Boudicca revolt, by swiping the screen.

In our experience the use of games as part of a visitor experience can engage people in an active and prolonged learning experience of astonishing depth and duration.

Key Features / Skills

Interactive games - PEEL Interactive
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