Ben Toomes, PEEL Interactive Marketing Assistant and Creative Copywriter

Ben Toomes

Marketing Assistant and Creative Copywriter

Specialising in all things digital, Ben thrives in PEEL’s Marketing Department; engaging with social media audiences is his forte. Ben’s young career began in Hospitality where his natural ability to engage with the customer flourished and he realised his flair for marketing.

His experience in Digital Marketing began within the Financial Services sector, giving him a sound basis before he made his move into marketing digitally for an on-line retailer. With his skills in email and social media marketing expanding rapidly during these posts, Ben also honed his copywriting ability.

Currently studying for his CIM qualifications, Ben’s passion and specialism lies in creative writing, he utilises his spare time to script for a large online presence to further develop his knowledge and skills of content creation.

Ben has a natural ability to produce factual, engaging copy intended for specific demographics to support all our projects, inspiring and supporting our clients along their PEEL journey.

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