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Virtual Reality

Whether you’re flying over Neverland with a Lost Boy, exploring an ancient fort in Dubai or hiding from dinosaurs deep in a forest, we have the expertise to bring your virtual reality project to life.

Virtual reality is pretty cool and when combined with our talented 3D modellers’ skills we can generate environments that open up a whole new world of discovery, providing your end user with a whole new level of engagement.

Through our virtual reality software, build and programming we can manipulate this world to generate photorealistic environments, characters and objects and even provide the opportunity for interaction with this virtual world.

Our bespoke VR services mean we can create any environment, space or object, allowing you to bring your brand, product or story to life like never before. Virtual reality allows us to create an interactive, immersive and exciting world which is limited only to your imagination.

Featured Project
Marella Cruises


Marella Cruises

Virtual Reality

Family entertainment

We collaborated with our parent company- The Peel Entertainment Group- to create a virtual reality introduction to their ‘Neverland’ live theatre show, produced for client Marella Cruises and currently live on board two ships, the Discovery and Discovery 2.

The on-board show was inspired by J.M Barrie‘s immortal stage play, ‘Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up‘ which debuted in 1904 and tells the story of a mischievous little boy who embarks on magical adventures around his island home, meeting mermaids, fairies and pirates along the way.

Our innovative, bespoke virtual reality content makes ‘Neverland’ multidimensional. Wearing a VR headset, guests are introduced to the world of the story by one of the ‘Lost Boys’ who takes them on a magical animated journey around Skull Island. Our in-house programmer, Matt Murphy, expertly constructed the entire 3D island from scratch.

The audience gets to explore 360 degrees of colourful backdrops whilst meeting some of the story’s most iconic characters, finally landing on the Jolly Roger and coming face to face with the infamous tyrant, Captain Hook.

Our passion for VR comes from the love of creating and designing without the need for a template mentality, meaning we thrive on being able to offer our clients a bespoke VR experience. All we need is for you to bring your product or offering to our table.

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