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Warwick Market Hall Museum

Future tech to uncover the past

Peel Interactive worked in partnership with Workhaus, Redman Design and Fusion LX to produce several media exhibits and a wealth of digital content for the newly renovated Warwick Market Hall Museum. This included digital labels, a digital archaeological dig and two 3D reconstructions of the view of the market square as it was in the Neolithic and Triassic periods.

Putting the dig in digital
An interactive touchscreen game was developed, aimed at children aged 7 – 13 and themed around an archaeological dig. The game is simple to use and allows visitors of all ages to try their hand at archaeology, unearthing and learning about the hidden artefacts that lie beneath the County of Warwickshire.

A menu of tools are available for the digging adventure and players must pick the correct tools for each task. The dig starts from grass and moves down through layers until bedrock is reached, with each layer containing one hidden piece of archaeology. The player must choose the right tool and swipe their finger across the screen to reveal the layer beneath. If they happen upon the hidden item they are notified and must clear the area using another tool.

Once an item is found players are rewarded with information pertaining to that particular artefact. Each artefact is a real item on display in the museum, which players can then seek out to learn even more.

We made the game difficult enough to prove a challenge but also provide prompts should the user be struggling. To ensure a high degree of realism, many layers of different soil and ground types were created, each of which had to accurately match the textures and colours of the various soils found in the region.

Peeling back the 3D landscape
3D reconstructions of the market square as it was in the Neolithic and Triassic periods were created, using drawn artist impressions of what the landscape may have looked like during these time periods. A high level of accuracy was needed during the modelling stages, as each scene had to accurately depict the landscape, flora and fauna, people and dinosaurs in each scene.

Every detail, from the stones on the ground, the pots by the fire and the clothes that are worn was built from scratch to ensure they were as accurate as the artist’s illustrations.

Particular care was taken when modelling the people in this scene. Their clothing, including materials and colours were meticulously created to be as near to the real thing as possible. Animated sequences were then added, with texture and light baked into the scene.

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